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I'm a bad yogi. And a fire tiger (1986).
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Brutally honest, somewhat shameless, schnauzer-obsessive tomboy with a Berkeley psych degree. 200 RYT Vinyasa Flow Instructor.

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May/June 2010. My grandmother’s apartment in Seattle. She spent most of MY life living in Oakland, CA (hence why I saw her so often- she helped raise me). But .. in late 2007 something happened with my family and in early 2008, she decided to move to Seattle. She was a strong-willed lady. She loved California- she had so many friends here and her entire life for the past 20 years had been in Oakland…  but she had her reasons for leaving.

Though I was devastated at the time and begged her not to go, in afterthought, I’m glad she did. My Seattle cousins, particularly my oldest cousin (who had spent his childhood years with her in Korea), were all really happy they got a few years with her before she passed. And it brought us all closer because I finally started visiting the Northwest fairly often to see her.

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